Friday, 7 May 2010

Lighthouse Property Services of Lincoln offers broadband


Lighthouse Property Services in Lincoln is the first lettings firm in the UK to offer tenants an exclusive wireless broadband service that can be used both at home and throughout the city for free and all on the same network.

Working with local service provider AB Internet, Lighthouse will be the only private letting agent to offer the pioneering and unique wireless Internet which can be used by tenants in their homes and through mobile phones and laptops on the move.

Three buildings managed by Lighthouse housing around 90 students have been trialling the new wireless broadband service since September. The plan is to now roll out the service, known as Wireless Lighthouse, with permission from landlords to all student accommodation and then private residential homes.

This means that in addition to being able to use their wireless network at home, Lighthouse student tenants will be able to use it through their phones and laptops on the move, whether in a cafĂ© on the High Street, or at college. As well as enjoying the whole WWW experience, they will be also able to access the university’s digital learning and resource portal as seamlessly as though they were on the campus itself.

Based on the network of local service provider AB Internet, the Wireless Lighthouse project is rolling-out in parallel with the wider, pioneering Wireless Lincoln network, also delivered by AB Internet. Launched in April, Wireless Lincoln offers high speed WiFi access across Lincoln city centre to everyone.

The network coverage is much better than what is normally associated with WiFi. Rather than isolated hot-spots, the network extends from Tritton Road all the way up to Newport Arch and includes indoor coverage inside the Waterside Shopping Centre and coverage at the University of Lincoln and Lincoln College.

Neil Tucker, Sales and Marketing Director of AB Internet, said: “This is a really exciting development. The forward thinking of Lighthouse and the university has been made a reality through AB Internet’s cutting-edge network services. Lighthouse tenants will now be able to enjoy the flexibility and freedom that our wireless connectivity brings, without the restrictions and charges normally associated with mobile Internet.

“It will be completely unique to Lighthouse, making them stand out as a premier city letting agent offering extra benefits to its tenants.”

Tim Clark, Managing Director of Lighthouse, added: “We have supported AB Internet and the Wireless Lincoln project from the outset and it’s fantastic that they are now working exclusively with us.

“We’re looking forward to initially rolling out the service to around 290 student properties with support from landlords and know it will help us maintain our position as one of the leading student lettings agencies in Lincoln.”

Lighthouse will include the wireless service, which has no time or download limitations, within its all-inclusive rental packages. Students can therefore enjoy ‘assle-free surfing and escape from hot-spot WiFi charges, mobile contracts and monthly download and usage fees.

More info:

• Lighthouse Property Services was established in 2001 and is a residential and student lettings agency operating in Lincoln. The company also offers UK buy-to-let and overseas investment opportunities.
• AB Internet Limited is a Lincoln-based wireless Internet service provider that offers its unique wireless broadband services in both metropolitan and rural environments across the United Kingdom and Africa

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