Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Rentsure Letsure has Silver Rent Guarantee when letting out your property

Earlier this year the NLA - National Landlords Association published their findings on the top questions on the helpline for landlords.

The advice line has received over 30,000 individual telephone calls in the past 12 months. The advice line had taken on average 2,500 calls per month Of these calls 74 per cent of calls were from landlords seeking advice on how to deal with tenancies when rental arrears start to build up.

Naturally landlords are concerned by this and one way to have some peace of mind is to take out a Landlords Guarantee Insurance.

It appears that Letsure, the well known and established provider has Letsure Rentsure Silver Rent Guarantee Insurance. It looks most interesting and more details can be found at

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