Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Happy Landlords, Happy Tenants, Happy Homes!

That is the message from the Rentshield landlord and tenant insurance provider we received late last week just before the UK’s bank holiday weekend.

In the present economic climate, more and more tenants are struggling to make ends meet or even losing their jobs through no fault of their own. As a result there are more and more tenants defaulting on rent than ever before. With some news media forecasting that unemployment could reach nearly 3 million by the end of the year, it goes without saying that some of these could be your tenants.

Through their association with DAS (Europe’s’ leading legal expenses insurer) they have developed the most comprehensive Rent Protection policy for the residential lettings market. Their research indicates that their Rent Protection policy is unique and offers significant advantages over all similar and competing policies!

Their Rent Protection policies are priced at just £60 for six months and £99 for twelve months and will cover rental amounts up to £4,000 pcm. So for less than ten pounds a month, your landlords can have complete peace of mind. jml property services via their introduction insurance advertising sites insurance jml and / are Rentshield agents.

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