Friday, 17 July 2009

HomeLet Rent Guarantee is Simply Common Sense

I have just found this in my post. A post cads saying " Can you guarantee your rent will be paid"

As a Landlord where would you turn if your tenant can't or won't pay the rent. Apparently with a HomeLet Rent Guarantee all you have to do is claim.

Turning the card over, they explain why the HomeLet rent guarantee is common sense.

They say they provide cover for missed rental payments, they have a specialist in - house claims team to ensure the claim is paid prompltly and cover for legal costs incurred in evicting the tenant as a result of non payment of rent.

If you have had problems with tenants not paying rent respond on this blog and share your experiences.

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rent guarantees said...

If you have a insurance claim the principal pays the deductible and the insurance company covers the rest of the claim.