Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Landlords in Ireland warned about Drug Factories

A report in The Irish Times on the 22nd June has stated that Landlords who own houses in rural area have been urged by Gardai (Irish police) to ensure they are not being used as drug factories.

The warning comes following a Vietnamese last week was convicted of turning a rented house into a cannabis growing factory.

The report said that Son Van Hoaing aged 57 admitted cultivating cannabis plants at Lissacull, Castlerea, Co Roscommon in August 2008.

Gardai found 180 plants inside the house and cannabis herb worth about €124,000. Gardai are now fearing similar factories have been set up around the State. A Garda spokesperson said “The people who rent these houses make sure the rent is paid on time and do nothing in the community which might attract attention”.

As in Britain, landlords should inspect their properties regularly and if they are employing a managing agent instruct them to carry out routine inspections.
When checking a property be on the lookout for:
 Rooms being locked and access barred – ensure you inspect these and if you are suspicious if you are being told someone is asleep in a room still request to see it.
 Lights being left on all day and night and curtains and blinds drawn
 Strong smells of de-odourisers or air fresheners to disguise the smell of drug production.
 Possible rewiring
 High humidity in the property
 Look in sheds and outhouses and garages and the attic area

So if you are letting out your property, take great care.

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