Thursday, 18 June 2009

Have you heard about Landlord's Portfolio Insurance?

This is an insurance product that has been around for a while from those HomeLet insurance people.

It seems that more and more people have several buy to let properties these days. They have one policy that they say can save the Landlord up to 45 per cent!!

Repossessions on Buy-to-Let properties are rising but you can protect yourself with specialist cover. That’s because Landlord’s Portfolio insurance covers you for the loss of rent and re-letting costs for up 30% of the amount you’re insured for. So, if you suffer an insured loss which makes one of your properties uninhabitable and your existing tenants have to move out you can still pay your mortgage whilst repairs are carried out.

According to the flyer that has just come in, they could provide the landlord with comprehensive buildings and contents cover for all the properties in their portfolio. They understand that professional landlords change their portfolio regularly, that’s why, with their policy, the Landlord you can add and remove properties at any time. There are no restrictions on properties that are unoccupied for up to 90 days between tenancies and you can insure your contents for up to £60,000.

Homelet know that managing insurance for a portfolio of property can be difficult and time consuming. That’s why they have developed Landlord’s Portfolio insurance. It’s simple. If you’ve got between 2 and 30 properties we could save you time and money.

It could be worthwhile taking a look further. Unfortunately I can't give any advice on the subject as I have never tried getting one of these types of policies before, but you could try going to the HomeLet website. Why not let me know how you get on or let me have your rental experiences by joining the followers on this blog

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