Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Is your main residence adequately covered when you're at your holiday home?

This is what many holiday home owners were concerned about when they took their two month vacation at their second home.

The insurance provider Intasure came up with a great idea for their customers with UK main residences. Having successfully insured tens of thousands of holiday homes and second homes, many of their clients have asked if they could insure their main residence in the UK.

This product is special; firstly, because of the good quality of their overseas business, they are able to offer exceptionally competitive rates.

In addition, unlike most resident policies, there are no restictions in leaving your home unoccupied beyond the standard 30 days. This is very good for those clients who could be retired and want to spend a couple of months in their holiday home in Spain or Portugal.

What is more, the policy is extremely comprehensive; you can rent out your main residence and still be covered.

jml Insurance has been introducing the Intasure Overseas property insurance for many months now and the new product should be of great value to advertisers on their holiday homes website
Do remember with 2009 just around the corner to keep your property insured. Insurance is one essential you can't afford to be without today

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