Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Driving Other Cars or Vehicles Third Party Only Insurance Cover.

Driving without insurance the current system only fines the offenders a ridiculously small amount of money, I for one would like to see the offenders charged twice the cost of the lowest insurance quotation and community service orders. Main offenders are young drivers who assume its cheaper to take the chance than drive with it.

We need a system in place where ownership of a car can not change hands unless proof of insurance has been obtained. The Third Party driving other cars clause on all policies needs to be scrapped all together or made compulsory for all Car insurers. As currently some insurers with give it to Under 25s and other will not. If you have a occupation in the Motor trade field then the policy generals excludes driving other cars.

Plus the industry needs to have one common wording which is not up for discussion and can not be altered by the insurer.

With all the advance systems the police have in place for stopping motorists lets make sure that the offenders pay the real price for the insurance they avoided paying.

Source Dave Burn of T R Youngs / Allstyles Insurance

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