Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Real Storage Wars on BBC TV more people will be hiring vans

Last night on BBC2 television there was a very interesting programme - "Business Boomers: Real Storage Wars".

We have all seen the growing number of self storage units being built on the edges of towns in Britain and apparently it is now very big business.

For those who  use the A40 going into London, Vanguard Storage has been in a prominent building on the Western Avenue for some 50 years. They have large scale models of what can be stored including washing machines, wardrobes, standard lamps and naturally the kitchen sink. Once there was even a model of an aeroplane!

Today it is big business and last night's programme outlined some of the players and what it actually costs. It is not cheap to store your belongings and more and more people are doing this.

If you are moving some of your belongings into self storage you will often need to hire a van unless your car is big enough, you have a van or your friend owns one.

Holiday Autos have a van hire section with collection points throughout the UK, not as many as for car hire, but of course then more cars will be hired out. For more information  visit their website here 

Whenever you hire a van, just like with car hire or motorhome hire, you will be asked to pay additional excess waiver insurance in case there is an accident with the vehicle you are hiring.

Just like with hiring a car, buying your excess insurance from an independent insurance company will be a lot cheaper than buying it from the van hire company. You buy it by the day and the following companies offer such a product.

Questor Insurance Services  - Information Here

Insure my vanhire - Information Here

iCarhireinsurance - Information Here

Finally you just might be borrowing that friend's van to move your prize collection of Star Wars figures and the van has to be insured then you need temporary car / van insurance - More information Here from Insuredaily

Finally don't forget to keep on paying for your storage, last night there was a small segment of the company admin staff having to break into a storage unit and then the proceeds ( if they were worth anything) being auctioned off. 

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