Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Overseas Property Insurance written in English not a bad idea

For many of us the prospect of reading a property's insurance policy is confusing enough, but if you don't have a full grip of the language it is written in is even worse.

Imagine if that property was in France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Denmark, Germany or Italy. Do you speak the language well enough to understand the insurance in Portuguese for example? Many insurance companies in European countries have advisers who speak English, however normally the policy will still be in the local language. Insurance policies are often difficult enough to understand in your mother tongue, but in a foreign language you probably wouldn’t know what was covered and what was not.

There are specialist UK based companies out there who do cater for those who only speak a small amount of French or Italian, or none at all. They work in English, from the UK.

Companies like Andrew Copeland Insurance - Intasure and Staysure for the over over 50s.

All three of these have taken advertising pages on the jml Insurance websites

You can easily get a quote for your property and you won't have to worry if it is covered fot the X,Y and Z of incidents that could occur.

What do you do next.? 

You take a look at the Overseas Property Insurance page here and then you can relax and think about that holiday home by the sea in the mountains or city centre. A base to go and play golf in the sun or sail on azure blue skies - skiing throughout the winter or walking each morning to that distinctive Mediterranean aroma of pine and bougainvillea lazing around the pool or sitting by the river watching time go by.......

Remember also that some of these insurancec companies also insure main residences either in the UK or other countries, so it does not always have to be a holiday home or second home.

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