Monday, 25 June 2012

Even more flooding last weekend

It certainly been a very wet weekend, on Saturday anway when it never stopped raining. Mind you that is the story of June and with April 2012 being the wettest since records began where do we go from here?

No more hose pipe bans in many English areas, not too many people having to water their gardens either (or sit out in them). According to today's Independent "Britain was in recovery mode yesterday as workers cleared flooded areas hit by what is shaping up to be the wettest June in 100 years"

Apparently hundred of homes and businesses in Combria, West Yorkshire and Lancashire had to be evacuated. A month's rain has fallen in 24 hours.

The June edition of "Landlord & Buy-to-Let Magazine" arrived today. On page 20 there is s topical aricle - "Flood risks could cost landlords billions".

The article says  many properties could be uninsurable and unmortgageable as early as June 2013 (that is a year away) when the current insurance industry's agreement to provide affordable insurance expirres.(Statement of Principles).

If you live in an area that is affected by flooding (or could be) and are having problems getting suitable insurance, contact Neil Cook of Allstyles / T R Youngs Insurance. Follow this link for his contact info.

By the way, it is dry and sunny at Wimbledon today around 19 decrees C, however more rain due on and of from Tuesday onwards! 

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