Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Are you looking for insurance in a flood area ?

Towards the end of last month we asked on this blog "Will all this rain cause flooding?" 

The answer has come in the last few few days with severe flooding reports in the media in the UK and with April 2012 being the wettest since records began.

Unfortunately there is more rain on the horizon, but it is not filling the reservoirs.

"The Independent" is running a story today "Insurance industry set for a soaking in flood misery"  So more big losses for the insurance companies. The major problem is according to Insurance Broker Neil Cook, is that once a claim has been made with a property in a flood affected area, the insurance premiums and excesses can go sky high.

Neil has been helping individual householders who have had problems getting insurance and reasonably priced insurance in area of the country that is liable to flooding.

According to the National Flood Forum's website today (2nd May 2012) there are fortunately zero severe flood warnings, 13 flood warnings and 71 flood alerts in England and Wales.

The National Flood Forum has a page on it's site "Flood Friendly Insurance" where it says that "The NFF has developed a Charter for Flood Friendly Insurance. This Charter for seeks to restore customer confidence by promoting companies that demonstrate a fresh approach to flooded householders.We have also developed a protocol which defines the way brokers treat customers and work with the NFF."

One of the companies that have signed up to the protocol is T R Youngs Insurance Brokers and the contact is Neil Cook.

To find out more you need to contact Neil Cook Here

It is not raining in this part of England this afternoon, but will probably be on Thurdsday.


Sharron said...

There has been lots of floods recently so this is really helpfull thank you.

Unknown said...

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