Monday, 20 February 2012

Another Kidnap & Ransom drama on TV this week, have you got insurance?

The second ITV drama series Kidnap and Ransom hits the TV screenn ITV1 on Thursday evening 23rd February at 9.00.

Once again it stars Trevor Eve as international hostage negotiator Dominic King with Helen Baxendale as his business partner. According to the ITV website "In the new series, we join Dominic King in Srinagar, Kashmir negotiating the release of the Mehtas, a British Asian family kidnapped while on holiday visiting their son Mahavir. As the handover is completed, the police arrive and a shoot-out ensues.Dominic gets most of the family to safety but the kidnappers get away with Mahavir. In their panic they board a tourist bus, taking all those on board hostage" Terevor Eve who was came to TV fame in the Shoestring TV detective series years ago and more recently in Waking the Dead has produced this second series. Like the first series a year ago, there are three episodes.

This will now remind people that if you are thinking of going to a dangerous location, it might be advisable thinking about taking out Kidnap and Ransom insurance for your travels. Find out more by following this link 

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