Friday, 9 December 2011

Latest HomeLet Rental Index is out now

Seasonal trends see rents dip across UK as the latest HomeLet Rental Index shows that average UK rental amounts have decreased in eight of the 11 regions, including London, as part of a seasonal dip.

According to HomeLet Landlord and Tenant Insurance  

■The average UK rental amount fell in October, when compared to September by 2.5% to £763pcm

■Despite falling, the average agreed UK rental amount in October 2011 was still 4.2% higher than rents recorded in October 2010

■Rents in London are still 23% higher than October 2009, and remain 8.8% higher than 2010

■The number of tenants sharing a property has increased in the last two years. The average number of tenants per property was 1.7 in October 2011, compared with 1.4 in October 2009

■Greater London has the highest level of sharing in the country with an average of two tenants per property

■Average UK tenant incomes dropped from September to October by 0.6% to £27,201

■18 – 21 year olds have seen the largest drop in income over the past year. Incomes for this age group have dropped by 5% in October 2011 when compared to October 2010

■The percentage of 36 - 45 year olds renting after living at home with a relative has risen from 18% in October 2009 to 23% in October 2011

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Source: Homelet

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