Tuesday, 11 October 2011

More words of praise for Neil Cook insurance broker

We have just received this letter thanking Neil Cook, Insurance Broker who deals with Specialist insurance areas like Flood damage property insurance - Ex Offender insurance - Northern Ireland residents insurance and a lot more.

"Dear Neil I just wanted to say thanks for all the help you offered with our quote. It was great to have somebody enthusiastic who was able to offer a competitive quote without any hassle.

We hadn’t realised that XXXX XXX were hard to deal with in the event of a claim, of course it’s only when you come to claim that you realise exactly what any company is like, but having an individual such as yourself deal with the policy from start to finish is a huge bonus. (I hope we don’t have to make any claims in the future) Once again, thanks for your professional service and advice, it is very much appreciated. Kind regards Sue M "

Neil says "I am finding more brokers than direct clients are struggling on difficult risks if you are an insurance broker who need help with a complex risk just ask me"

And another one!

I got this client a premium of £775
"Hi Neil,

Your details were passed over to us by an existing client of yours. We've recently received a quote for our buildings and contents insurance from the same company we've used for the last two years (UK Bank).

For some reason it's more than trippled in price this year to £2,000. We've been on honeymoon and returned to this renewal price. It automatically renewed on the 1st of October but we have 14 days to cancel as part of the 'cooling off' rules. Timescales are pretty tight!

We have family that you helped who live over the road from us and they're paying much less. We were flooded in 2008 - hence the price.

Would it be possible to give me a call to discuss. Thanks John"

Contact Neil by using this link HERE

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