Thursday, 16 June 2011

Insurance for Subsidence and Underpinning in Coal Mining Areas

We have found that there are a number of Coal Mining areas in the UK that have suffered from Subsidence and underpinning. These areas are not uninsurable and we can help to find you the relevant cover for Subsidence Insurance and Underpinning insurance.

As most of the works have been paid for by the National Coal Board the work on these premises tends to be very well done and insurers in some cases are happy to take on the houses.

Subsidence is caused in mining areas by land slip and land heave, this is normally dealt with by underpinning of the property.

If your mortgage company asks for a mining report it means your postcode has had some mining in the local area. Shafts may still run miles down below the ground and maybe under the properties around there.

The main areas effected are; County Durham, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Kent and Lancashire, south Wales, also various parts of Scotland.

Obtaining insurance in these parts of the UK has been difficult but we now have the solution.

Source: Dave Burn who is an insurance broker

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