Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Insurance premium increases after claim for flooding

Neil Cook of T R Youngs Insurance Brokers was contacted by a client with the following story.

January 2008 we were insured by AxA group, paying £306.91 per year, we were flooded in the September of that year, AxA dealt with the claim quickly, informing us at all steps of the recovery, we were back in the house in the February 09.

In the January of 2009 we were quoted and paid £681.61, accepting this, as we had just made a claim.

In the January of 2010 we were quoted £1,009.32, and this increase was justified as AxA apparently had revaluated their cost of expenditure after the floods.

We tried to insure our house with other companies, but to no avail as soon as we stated that we had been flooded they were not interested, therefore, we had to stay with AxA, until this year when AxA sent us a quote for the year 2011, costing £3,334.25 that is a monthly payment of £327.25, again they stated that they had "re-evaluated the cost of expenditure" and justified the increase.

This was a frightening time as a family, we knew if we had to pay AxA`s premiums we would find it very difficult, it was at this time we made contact with Neil Cook, he listened to our experience and found us affordable insurance.

To others who are feeling frightened by insurance groups who are happy to take your money, then penalize you heavily for making a claim that was out of your control, take comfort that there are others who are happy to help to maintain affordable insurance cover.

Graeme S......

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