Friday, 19 March 2010

Don't forget your Travel Insurance for Easter

Easter is not far away and looking at the weather this weekend, it is a good thing there is a couple of weeks to go. Our Easter friend on the left would get rather wet and if he was visiting relatives over the Easter weekend would need his umbrella.

If it rains or shines, if you are off on holiday over Easter, don't forget to buy your Travel Insurance

Ther are a number of insurance companies advertising on the jml-insurance website.

Amongst these are: Essential Travel Insurance - Direct travel Insurance - Staysure Travel Insurance - Endsleigh Travel Insurance - Primary Travel Insurance - Simple Travel Insurance - insureme4 Travel Insurance - JS Travel Insurance - Devon Direct Travel Insurance - Protect my holiday Financial Failure Travel Insurance. A great selection to choose from with different packages.

Most of these will have policies for a set number of days, family and annual policies.

People are now taking an average of two or three holidays a year. Whether this is a two week break in Spain plus a weekend break on the Isle of Wight, you still need to take out travel insurance. Holiday delayed? Missed departure? Lost your passport? Personal money stolen? Are just some of the reasons to do this? Take a look here for these providers and you then visit their websites for full information and buy online.

Have a good Easter Break

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