Monday, 6 April 2009

Contents Insurance only for a property in London for an owner who no longer live in the UK act as introducers for several UK Insurance Brokers. One client who lives outside the UK has recently had his property’s contents insurance arrange by Neil Cook a Specialist Risks Manager.

The client went to the web site that specialises in property and rental property insurance to find out if Ember JD could arrange cover for his property for contents insurance only.

Neil Cook and the client exchanged emails with quotations and cover was quickly arranged.

Neil said” There is no problem with clients contacting us from overseas as long as they provide us with the relevant email and contact phone numbers. In a case like this we would initially need to know the postcode of the property the actual contents sum insured required, what sort of security is there in the property, does/can someone regularly check the property and how old the client is does the client have any prior claims. We can usually arrange cover in a very short period of time.”

Neil Cook who has many years of experience as an Insurance broker says that “ he can offer insurance for a lot of non-standard insurance areas like Insurance for reformed offenders - Ex Offenders insurance which for an ex offender or the family of an ex-offender can be difficult to obtain”.

Neil went on to say “that if the property was less than usual, such as vacant, subsidence/flood affected, had a number of claims or the policyholder had a number of claims he would still have been able to offer cover"

They now also have a facility to cover residences and holidays homes in the UK, Northern Ireland and Europe to include clients with criminal convictions that other insurers will not cover" We understand no other insurance broker can do this!”

In early March Neil Cook was quoted in the UK’s Sunday paper “The Observer” about his concerns about the way in which the insurance cover for Blocks of Flats was arranged. The article was saying that owners of leasehold flats are paying up to double the market rate for buildings insurance because brokers are paying "kickbacks" to the block management property agents who manage their homes.

Some block management companies are choosing the insurer that pays the most commission, instead of the company that offers the best value - and then sharing this commission with the managing agent. This is an issue that many leaseholders in blocks of flats are not aware of.

More information can be found at the jml-property-insurance website

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