Monday, 24 June 2013

Latest edition of Rentguard Insurance News has just arrived

Just received the June Issue 3 of Rentguard Insurance News.

Here are a couple of the topics that caught my eye: We don’t shy away from ‘unattractive risks’ was the first item: They say that At Rentguard we try to be as flexible as possible to meet the individual requirements of both you and your customers. That’s why we are pleased to announce that we expanded our underwriting capabilities to cover more non-standard properties, including HMO housing, bedsits and unoccupied properties.

“We are getting more requests for unusual risks and are finding better ways to accomodate our clients,” said Ersin Yildirim, Risk Manager at Rentguard Insurance.

The next item  they said In addition to our existing insurer partnerships, they are delighted to have extended their underwriting capabilities to incorporate international insurers Canopius.
Formed in 2003, Canopius operate across the whole of the UK and Ireland, as well as Switzerland, Bermuda, US, Singapore and Australia. This new partnership will bring
a wealth of experience to RGA Underwriting Ltd and will be an exciting development in the
overall delivery of the Rentguard Insurance Products.

As a result of this new development, some of their policies will be jointly underwritten by Catlin and Canopius, both of which are underwriters at Lloyd’s of London.

Finally Rentguard Insurance  recently launched their new ‘Sport’ advertising - "be a good Sport"  campaign. It highlights some of the many qualities associated with Rentguard through various sporting images like the one on the left.

In a series of four advertisements - flexibility, communication, teamwork, and unwavering support are all illustrated, tying in with the excellent customer service and on-going client support they offer, as well as their competitive approach to pricing.

Further information on an excellent selection of Rentguard Insurance Products Here

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