Thursday, 19 July 2012

School is finally over on Friday, so don't forget your insurance

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It is the 20th July on Friday and finally the start of the long school holidays for many. Long well only around 6/7 weeks and after all many schools broke up at the start of July. Even the House of Commons has broken up.

Mind you unless you had been taking a holiday in the north of Scotland before this you will have had a rather wet time.

The good news is that apart from these holiday times starting the terrible weather is due to improve from Sunday according to the UK's Met Office, which will be good for the start of the London 2012 Olympics.

So you have booked that holiday, booked the hire car or motorhome, did you remember the insurance?

At the jml Insurance site there are a great choice of insurance companies advertising their products - Endsleigh, Essential Travel, Worldwideinsure, and many more to be found by following this link

What about car hire excess insurance, or even motorhomehire hire excess insurance?

At the site there are 9 Car hire excess insurance companies to choose from plus 2 Van hire and 2 for Motorhome hire excess insurance (+1 for 9 seater minibus hire) to choose from.

Three of the companies are running special deals for customers buying through the links at the jml Insurance sites - the company that started car hire excess insurance a number of years ago, customers can save £9.80 off the £49.00 annual Europe 31 days policy by only having to pay £39.20 (Or € Euro equivalent) if they purchase via a link from the jml Group/ sites.

The insurance4carhire worldwide 31 days is currently being discounted from £65.00 to £52.00 a saving of £13.00. (Or € Euro equivalent) To get the lower price the consumer must go into or and go to the insurance4carhire logos or pages.

Questor Insurance are continuing to offer their 10 per cent discount their car hire excess insurance by adding a discount code when they buy using the link from the jml websites and this arrangement will continue till the end of 2012

Finally the Family & Partners Worldwide 31 Cover for 2 policy holders costing £99.99 has gone down to £95.00

Recently Odyssey car hire excess insurance launched a campaign for the next twelve months.

Four of their products have a price reduction: Europe 31 European Excess Cover - Euro Odyssey which normally costs £39.75 is reduced to £39.00. (Or € Euro equivalent).

Daily Odyssey - Daily Car Hire Insurance that normally costs £3.99 can be yours for £3.89 (Or € Euro equivalent).

World Odyssey - Worldwide Car Hire Insurance costing £59.99 has been reduced to only £51.00 (Or € Euro equivalent)
Finally the Family & Partners Worldwide 31 Cover for 2 policy holders costing £99.99 has gone down to £95.00.(Or € Euro equivalent)

This type of news will surely brighten the holiday makers day and of course many of these policies can be bought for advance us. So if you are not planning on going on holiday till September, you should still be able to buy now, but are advised to check the individual insurance company's terms and conditions.

Apart from these offering extra discounts it looks like all the other companies advertising - Worldwideinsure,, iCarhireinsurance, Essential Travel and Protectyourbubble are very competitive.

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Enjoy the summer is raining again!