Friday, 2 April 2010

Dogtag Travel Insurance includes Financial Failure Protection in time for Easter Breaks

Press Release that came into a couple of days ago.

Dogtag, the specialist insurer for action-minded travellers have increased their scope of cover to include financial failure protection of end suppliers.

The award winning innovators at Dogtag took the decision to extend cover following increased awareness that independent travellers were not covered under the Governments ATOL when booking component parts of travel separately.

‘We are known for extreme sports and covering pursuits which other providers would not dream of, however we have realised that a lot of our customers are building their own travel itinerary and therefore providing financial security to them is just as important as our sports versatility, especially in the current financial environment’, stated Mike Welby, Director at Dogtag.

Dogtag has three levels of cover with the highest ‘Extreme’ covering activities such as rock climbing, expeditions, paragliding and canyoning. Each insured person is provided with an unique identity chain (the Dogtag) which includes important details including their name, identity number and emergency contact in the event of an accident.

The cover now includes protection for insolvency of airlines, hotels, hostels, car hire companies, excursion providers, theme parks and any other end supplier. The section is provided by International Passenger protection Ltd (IPP), the specialists in providing this niche cover.

‘We will continue to innovate our products to meet our clients needs, a perfect example being the financial failure cover, with the result being that Dogtag clients have exceptional cover and can really enjoy their trip.’ concluded Welby.


International Passenger Protection Limited (IPP) formed in 1990.
IPP is the largest and main supplier of Scheduled Airline Failure Insurance (SAFI) and cover for other parts of the holiday in the UK and world-wide operating in over 30 countries.
IPP operates as an underwriting agency on behalf of insurers and re-insurers who’s combined net assets exceed Euro 100 Billion

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i do agree with you too. Traveling is basically exploring unknown places. Places where you never been. So one can’t say what could happen to you over there. To cope up with such situation one need to have a travel insurence so that you can enjoy the journey at it’s most.
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